Susan Jonkers - Vocals

A brief introduction to Susan Jonkers

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Following her vocalist studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music of The Hague, The Netherlands, with Gerda van Zelm en Lenie van den Heuvel, Susan Jonkers went out there and performed with major international conductors and composers like Danil Reuss and Reinbert de Leeuw. She honed her vocal skills further through masterclasses with Dame Melvina Major, Michael Chance and Tu Kaljuste.

Launching into an international career as small ensemble vocalist and soloist, Susan performed in a range of styles, from vocal Renaissance quartett to solo roles in contemporary opera, performing works by composers varying from J.S. Bach to Steve Reich.

During her vocal studies, Susan realised that singing means a lot more than just making the air vibrate, with precision and in a technically accomplished way. Having to follow certain rules and accepted guidelines simply because it is the way made her even more determined in her belief that the natural beauty of a song has precious little to do with polished corners or a well-executed trill.

Of overriding importance for Susan is her desire to bring to the surface the song’s intrinsic intent to move the listener.

Her love of singing was once ignited by something that touched her deeply, something that was blissfully free of style, rules and form, and free of any ulterior motive. This music was neither Classical nor popular. It was a simple nursery song, perfect in its simplicity and intent.

Michiel Niessen 2011